Some of our finest work

Boosting Businesses

African Rural and Agricultural Credit Association (AFRACA)

Conduct a financial feasibility assessment for Fishery Value Chain Finance in The Gambia under the FISH4ACP Project managed by AFRACA and FAO

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Comprehensive assessment of the Financial Sector of The Gambia (supply and demand side of finance) in relation to the financing of agriculture in the context of Value Chain-Based Approach in the “Agriculture for Economic Growth and Food Security/Nutrition to Mitigate Migration Flow” project in The Gambia.

Africa Development Bank (AfDB)

Design a Risk Sharing Facility (RSF) as a vehicle to support   and leverage sectoral lending by Financial Institutions to the agriculture and agribusiness sectors in The Gambia

Central Bank of The Gambia (CBG)

Develop a Gender Sensitive Consumer Protection Framework for the Central Bank of The Gambia.

United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF)

Design a Credit Guarantee Scheme Operations Manual for Women and Youth in the Agriculture and Tourism Sectors under the purview of the Central Bank of The Gambia.


Assessment of the Financial and Regulatory lending environment for Agricultural Project Finance in The Gambia. Explore lending opportunities, requirements, terms, and conditions with Multilateral Development Finance Institutions (MDFI’s) in relation to prospective financing needs.

CapitalSage Holdings

Feasibility study and Business Plan for licensing of a Microfinance Institution in The Gambia

Gambia Hotel Association

Digital Literacy training for 14 members of the Gambia Hotel Association: Training on key elements of digital marketing, online collaboration, and online visibility for hotels at the height of the COVID pandemic.

Gambia Youth Chamber of Commerce

Digital Literacy and Digitization packages for 25 urban and 25 rural based entrepreneurs in The Gambia. The digitization created online visibility for the businesses, ecommerce stores, digital marketing packages and one on one mentoring of founders.

International Trade Centre (ITC)

As a National consultant for ITC (Yep Tech) in The Gambia, we organized industry events to facilitate networking between SMEs and startups, contribute to the identification of relevant trainings for the beneficiary companies, startup support, and collected results data


Provide ICT Sector insights focusing on interviews, events, and activities in the ICT ecosystem for further update on a weekly ICT news digest.